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Los Mundos – En Sistema Modular LP

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Label Description:

“En Sistema Modular” is a conceptual album by psych/doom band Los Mundos (Monterrey, Mexico) of switched-on versions from the band’s 10 year career. Taking inspiration from releases like Wendy Carlos’ Switched-on Bach, Los Mundos takes a break from their usual guitar driven, bass, acoustic drums for modular instruments.

Pulses and voltages run through the blood of “En Sistema Modular”. Analog synths, drum machines, modular synths, make up the complete spectrum of this new limited release. The idea is to utilize music as a universal language and be able to transform a song from the past, to the future. Limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl, coming out on October 28 (Digitally) and LPs November 18th.

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