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Loners & Outsiders – DC Mixtape #5

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What our staff has to say: “Mixtapes like these are always a must buy for me. My favorite way to find new music. This tape specifically has some of the strangest country I’ve heard, lyrically. Talking about things it seems like no country artists would talk from these times, mainly all found in dollar bins as well which makes this tape even cooler to me.” – Kobe

Mixtape #5: Loners & Outsiders, Country artists who took their own path.

From the Dollar Country website:

Welcome to Dollar Country!

Dollar Country is a radio show hosted by WTFC radio. It primarily features country 45’s that I find in dollar bins around the country. Featuring everything from old hits to b-sides, common records to rarities, and everything between the most popular artists and private press junk. I try to play things that I find good, interesting, or at least amusing, and I hope you like the show too.

Check Out Dollar Country Here-

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