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Lon Chaney: Before the Thousand Faces – Blu-Ray

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Lon Chaney’s film work from the 1920s is well-known and — with the exception of the notoriously lost London After Midnight (1927) — is mostly available on home video. In contrast, only 19 of the 118 films Chaney made at Universal in the ‘teens survive, and only 11 are complete. For this DVD, Chaney historian Jon Mirsalis has selcted three rare titles that have been preserved by the Library of Congress, has reconstructed missing footage with titles based on contemporary reviews and copyright records, and has created new musical scores for each.

This is the first time that A Mother’s AtonementIf My Country Should Call and The Place Beyond the Winds have been made available in several decades, and each has been newly scanned from the only surviving 35mm prints, preserved by the Library of Congress.

A Mother’s Atonement (1915) – 20 mins
If My Country Should Call (1916) – 24 mins
The Place Beyond the Winds (1916) – 39 mins

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