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Limbo – Blu-Ray

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After starring in 100 movies over the past two decades, Tina Krause has established herself as an unstoppable warrior from the DIY fringes. LIMBO is the first — and to this day, only — movie written and directed by Krause. And it’s truly invigorating. LIMBO presents three days in the life of a woman named Elizabeth, as she deals with identity issues, sexist mouth-breathers, supernatural manifestations . . . and a possible trip to hell. Combining video collage experiments with dreamy horror mood, this is what might happen if David Lynch and Nine Inch Nails collaborated on a shot-on-video horror movie. Previously only available via VHS, AGFA and Bleeding Skull! are honored to present a brand new transfer of LIMBO from the original S-VHS master tape.

Special Features:

• New transfer from the original S-VHS master tape
• Commentary track with Tina Krause and the Bleeding Skull! team
• Archival behind-the-scenes documentary
• ANSWERING MACHINE short film by Tina Krause
• Fantastic Fest Q&A
• EATEN ALIVE, a W.A.V.E. Productions short starring Tina Krause

Film Label

AGFA, Bleeding Skull




55 min



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