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Leonora Carrington – Down Below

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Down Below is a stunning work of memoir that gives readers a look into the mind of one of Surrealism’s most compelling figures and an unforgettable depiction of brilliance and madness. Includes black and white photographs of Carrington and her family.
Leonora Carrington is perhaps the most enchanting of the women Surrealists. The daughter of Anglo-Irish privilege, she broke free of her manor-house upbringing and fled, first to art school, and then to the Continent. She is perhaps best known for her short fiction and her harrowing work of memoir Down Below, which describes the events of 1940, when, after her longtime lover artist Max Ernst was sent to a concentration camp, Carrington was “led across the border of Knowledge” and imprisoned in a sanatorium for the insane. This powerful testament, reminiscent of Carrington’s great novel The Hearing Trumpet, ranks with the work of Sylvia Plath and Janet Frame in its raw evocation of madness.



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