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Laura Luna Castillo – Tuberose Cassette

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Laura Luna Castillo is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician currently residing in Puebla, Mexico. Through these convergences of time-based media, music, sculpture and narrative languages, she explores the mechanisms of memories, imagination and the perception of inhabited spaces through multiple angles and temporalities. Laura’s main concern is to investigate the ways in which we experience and think of the places that we inhabit and reclaim as well as the objects that surround us. Thus, time-based installations and kinetic interventions form one of the core components in her practice.

From Laura on Tuberose: “I was inspired by the book “The art of perfumery, and method of obtaining the odors of plants” by G.W. Septimus Piesse from 1857 in combination with the exploration of the study of time, memory loops, ephemeral and elusive memories.

The fascination with the art of perfumery comes from the analogy of time and sound as being ephemeral and volatile, fragments of terror and wonderment are interwoven, treated like fragrances of memories that are extracted as an attempt against entropy. Each track is made as if constructing a perfume or a smell, with their titles referencing ingredients and processes used in the extraction and entrapment of essences, sometimes paradoxically violent and beautiful.

Time would feel suspended and unreal, and in a way, perhaps the closest we come to trapping memories and time is through the art of trapping smells, it could be though of as a way of time-traveling.

As with my previous albums, I have thought of a narrative that is entwined across the album, each track is like a character made up of extremely volatile memories, a futile pledge against entropy capturing imagined narrative essences. ”

released November 6, 2020

*Due to Delays in Production this Cassette will be mailed out 11.13.20*

Layout and design by Dustin Bowen.

Art by Laura Luna Castillo.

Mastered by Andrew Weathers


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