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Kyoufu Shinbun – Death Training 3LP boxset

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Kyoufu Shinbun – Death Training 3xLP (BLR-018)

Formed in the Hokkaido Prefecture in 1986, Kyoufu Shinbun (恐怖新聞) is the solo industrial punk project of Proletariat Honma, the elusive keyboard/synth player from cult Japanese hardcore punk acts such as Kikeiji, Hightechnology Suicide, and countless other Crazy SKB-related projects. Honma intended for this project to be the purest outlet of his musical being, combining his love for John Balance/Coil, Foetus, etc., with elements of Japan’s occult Noroi (“呪い”), junk noise, electronic musics, environmental music, and punk/hardcore.

While his 1993 cassette 呪術装置 was released on the legendary Japanese noise label Vanilla Records, a majority of the releases under the Kyoufu Shinbun banner were primarily self-released as very limited-run cassettes on Honma’s own Integral Label.

Death Training is the magnum opus of Kyoufu Shinbun, a collection of work originally released on the 13th of every month from May 1993 through February 1994 as a series of ten, four-song cassettes, each in a run of 200 copies. Each explores a theme of specific forms of death: Burning, Drowning, Microwave, Explosion, Starvation, Pressure, Suffocation, Freezing, Abdominal, and Shock. The subject matter is perfectly complemented not only by Honma’s depraved and uniquely-Japanese take on Métal Urbain’s drum machine cacophony, but also by the mind-melting artwork by Shinya “Toozy” Tsujimura of Jiheitai (自閉体), Michiro Endo’s pre-The Stalin band.

We here at Bitter Lake Recordings found it absolutely necessary to work with Proletariat Honma in order to remaster and reissue this psychotic masterwork for modern consumption. Pressed as a 3xLP to maximize audio quality, we have also included Kyoufu Shinbun’s 1991 7″ flexi, 転落死, whose title translates to “Falling To Death”, a fitting precursor of and perfect posthumous addition to the Death Training series. This collection features an 18-page booklet with all original Shinya Tsujimura art.

Tracks A1-A4 originally released in 1993 on 焼死 CS (INT-022)
Tracks A5-A8 originally released in 1993 on 溺死 CS (INT-023)
Tracks B1-B4 originally released in 1993 on 電子レンジ死 CS (INT-024)
Tracks B5-B8 originally released in 1993 on 爆死 CS (INT-025)
Tracks C1-C4 originally released in 1993 on 餓死 CS (INT-026)
Tracks C5-C8 originally released in 1993 on 圧死 CS (INT-027)
Tracks D1-D4 originally released in 1993 on 窒息死 CS (INT-028)
Tracks D5-D8 originally released in 1993 on 凍死 CS (INT-029)
Tracks E1-E4 originally released in 1994 on 腹上死 CS (INT-030)
Tracks E5-E8 originally released in 1994 on ショック死 CS (INT-031)
Tracks F1-F7 originally released in 1991 on 転落死 7″ Flexi (INT-012)



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