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Kjostad – Warlord

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Warlord is the latest full-length album from Kjostad, the follow up to last year’s Extinctionist released on Chondritic Sound. This is the evolution of Kjostad’s approach in every aspect, an attempt to distill 7 years of development into the project’s finest work yet. The place-based field recordings are more intimate. The environmental explorations are more harrowing. Hissing tape loops collide with pulsing electronics. The noise clatters, clangs, and grinds across six tracks that investigate a violent past while anticipating an even darker future. Warlord sounds like shallow graves on the forest floor; like cold air on a cloudless night; like thousands of years of geological cruelty distilled into brief moments. The album builds to a climax that is either hopeful or bleak, depending on the individual listener’s experience. Warlord is a soundtrack to world’s end, and to world’s beginning.
CD in 4-panel digipack.


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