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Kid Overdrive – Get Equipped

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15 years ago KID OVERDRIVE released an album of Mega Man covers collecting some of the best tracks pulled from multiple games in the legendary franchise. Performed in a raucous punk fashion with the addition of saxophone as a main lead instrument, the covers were simultaneously super accurate to the original material and a wild new interpretation. We’re honored to be presenting this album as a 15 year anniversary release with a packaging concept we’ve been saving for over a decade – literal NES cartridges custom modified to hold the cassettes inside!

On “Get Equipped,” which contains 18 tracks pulling from 8 Mega Man games released over multiple Nintendo consoles of the past, KID OVERDRIVE displays an incredible skill in translating what were once simple sawtooth and square wave songs into full on punk rock anthems. Arranged and performed entirely by John Orr (the mastermind behind KID OVERDRIVE), the epic and aggressive nature of the original compositions are manifested perfectly, and at times feel like the living embodiment of what so many kids might have imagined they heard when playing these games. Features classic tracks like the opening “Title” and “Snake Man” from Mega Man 3, the famously kick-ass “Dr. Wily Stages 1-2” from Mega Man 2, “Sigma Stage 1” from Mega Man X, and more.


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