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Kenny Dorham – Una Mas

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Una Mas, titled Una Mas (One More Time) on the front cover, is a jazz album by trumpeter Kenny Dorham and his quintet, released in 1963 on Blue Note as BLP 4127 and BST 84127. The album would be the next-to-last studio session led by the trumpeter, since after 1964, he began to fade[5] and disappear from the jazz scenes. Una Mas features three compositions by Dorham himself, and in later reissues, the jazz ballad “If Ever I Would Leave You”, originally composed by Loewe/Lerner for the musical Camelot.

At the time, Dorham was not yet well known in the jazz scene, and the musician felt this lacking of acknowledgement. Replying to Hentoff, he said:

All I can say is that if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen. But it’s going to have to happen within a reasonable time. After all, I’ll soon be into my 25th year on the trumpet. Anyway, however it goes, I’ll just keep playing. That’s where the basic satisfaction is at.[6]


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