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Katherine Dunn – Attic

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What our staff has to say: “Dunn’s masterpiece about a disaffected woman trapped in jail for a crime she didn’t commit, Attic reads nothing like Geek Love and is true testament to Dunn’s abilities as a writer” – Cleo
Our reissue of Katherine Dunn’s haunting debut novel–the predecessor to her acclaimed Geek Love–which takes us inside the troubled, fascinating mind of a young woman whose taste for adventure has landed her in a Kansas City jail.
Here is the slim, stunning debut novel from the acclaimed author of Geek Love. Attic follows a young woman named Kay who has joined a cultlike organization that sells magazine subscriptions in small towns. When Kay tries to cash a customer’s bad check, she lands in jail, and Dunn’s visceral prose gives us a vivid, stream-of-consciousness depiction of the space in which she’s held. As Kay comes to know the other inmates, alliances and rivalries are formed, memories are recounted, and lives are changed. Based on Katherine Dunn’s own formative coming-of-age experiences, Attic was critically lauded when it was first published in 1969. Now, it stands as an extraordinary, indelible work from one of our most celebrated writers.