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K2 – Sexencyclopedia 5 CD Boxset

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Sexencyclopedia is the crowning achievement of legendary Japanese noise artist K2. Since the early 1980’s K2 has been at the forefront of noise, celebrated for intricate musique concrète, amplified scrap metal, and dynamic harsh electronics. Originally released on Kinky Musik Institute in 2001, “Sexencyclopedia” perfectly exemplifies the sprawling discography of K2, balancing shredding metal junks against lighting fast electronic destruction. Across 4 discs the original Sexencyclopedia unveiled a master-class in noise performance, composition, and editing. The tracks stop, start, and cut abruptly only to relentlessly expand in waves of screaming euphoria that are both psychedelic and pummeling. The skill exercised on these tracks is intimidating, a window into the sonic possibilities of pure sound.

One of the mandatory examples of Japanese noise, and my personal favorite in the K2 discography, the original 4-disc set has become increasingly difficult (and expensive) to acquire. New Forces is proud to make Sexencyclopedia available once more. For the reissue K2 arranged collaborations with four allies: Toshiji Mikawa, Sissy Spacek, Kazumoto Endo, and GX Jupitter-Larsen. These tracks are included on a bonus fifth disc unique to the new edition. Each of the 5 discs is housed in an individual slip case, with the entire set contained in a CD boxset with new artwork by John Wiese, based on the designs of the original 2001 edition


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