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Joanna Newsom – Ys

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What our staff has to say: “Baroque pop to the fullest. Newsom changes where she’s going in each song on a dime, and all you can do is ride on this dizzying journey with her. Personal favorite, ‘Sawdust and Diamonds’: ‘And then the furthermost shake drove a murthering stake in, and cleft me right down through my center, and I shouldn’t say so but I know that it was then or never.’ Heart wrenching.” – Hannah

On Ys, Joanna has recorded five songs clocking in at fifty-five minutes. The album was co produced by the legendary van dyke parks with the vocals and harp recorded with Steve Albini and mixed with Jim O’Rourke. On Ys, you will hear a dream collaboration between Joanna’s voice, her harp, and a full orchestra. The album is a ride that ebbs and flows in a scrumptious cacophony of layers and drama. The wide-screened beauty of Ys is due to, among other things, the all-analog production mixed to tape and mastered at abbey road. Ys is a stunning album in scope, breadth and imagination. It takes courage and vision to produce music as startlingly original and true as this.


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