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JH1.FS3 – Loyalty

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Puce Mary and Jesse Sanes commit their intensely personalised JH1.FS3 duo to wax, pressed on transparent vinyl with a 12” x 12” colour insert/lyric sheet. Edition of 300 copies only…

We may be going out on a limb here but, all clues – from the intimate photographs to the record’s lyrics and its slippery electronic movements – point to Frederikke and Jesse as a couple exploring their mutual binds, which, if we’re correct, places them a in a strong lineage of recording couplings that includes Chris & Cosey, Genesis and Lady Jaye P-Orridge, Venetian Snares and Hecate etc. Either way, it’s easy to pick up on the sparking frisson of energies, yin and yang, generated by JH1.FS3’s proximity, romantic or not.

Comprising the entirety of their 6-track Silence.DOM [2015] tape along with four new pieces, Loyalty forms a marriage of sensibilities, of sensualities, of shared tastes, quite literally framing their time together in the record’s diaristic bookends of 28.08.2014 and 18.12.2015 and documenting their unhiemlich movements between the gripping dungeon tones of 1000 Synonymous Titles About Despair, and with unsettling closeness with the humid location recordings of Damaged Seeds and Virtues Of Desperation, before they really come together in the exquisitely prurient-esque Visions of a Scene (Coney Island). – Boomkat.


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