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Jeremy Cooper – Bolt From The Blue

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MOTHER AND DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS: BOLT FROM THE BLUE is a tender exploration of the at times fraught relationship that exists between mothers and daughters. Written in the same elliptical style as ASH BEFORE OAK, the beauty of BOLT FROM THE BLUE lies in what remains unsaid, the aching gap between feeling and expression. ART WORLD: BOLT FROM THE BLUE also functions as an account of the British art world from the 80s on, and follows in particular the trajectory of the YBAs (Young British Artists, whose members include Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk). Jeremy Cooper has a long association with the art world, having worked on Antiques Roadshow and at Sotheby’s. His collection of artists’ postcards has been turned into a book (The world exists to be put on a postcard, Thames and Hudson,2019) and an exhibition.


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