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Jenny Hval – Paradise Rot

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What our staff has to say: “Jenny Hval’s Paradise Rot, I read in one evening. If you know me, you’d know how rare it is that I do such a thing. Great size, pace, and plot/writing ability granted this to happen. She writes with the 5 senses first in tale about a young woman studying abroad. The young woman moves in with a new roommate and then story gets very hallucinogenic.” – Jack
A lyrical and uncompromising debut novel from a highly acclaimed musician and artist, who has achieved renown for the sharpness of her work, and its sexual and political imagery.
Jo is in a strange new country for university, and having a more peculiar time than most. A house with no walls, a roommate with no boundaries, and a home that seems ever more alive. Jo’s sensitivity, and all her senses, become increasingly heightened and fraught, as the lines between bodies and plants, and dreaming and wakefulness, blur and mesh. This debut novel from critically acclaimed artist and musician Jenny Hval, presents a heady and hyper-sensual portrayal of sexual awakening and queer desire. A complex, poetic and strange novel about bodies, sexuality and the female gender.