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Jack Callahan & Jeff Witscher ISSUES (What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth) LP + bonus RM Francis Every Single Person Has Some Muscle CD

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What our staff has to say: “These fucking guys made a tulpa out of shitposts and recorded it… Or, it’s like if a Biblically Accurate Angel had to communicate in Vine compilation sounds instead of Ancient Hebrew. Definitely worth the listen. Wild.” – Cath

In the works for over 3 years, at long last the record of “the piece”… a realization for 6 speakers of a text score from 2018 with bonus CD Every Single Person Has Some Muscle, a reworking of the piece by RM Francis, plus a booklet and a set of essays about the piece from Nick Scavo, Alec Sturgis and Jack Callahan. For fans of Glenn Gould’s radio plays and TikTok.


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