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Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko – Natsu No Zenbu

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“Natsu No Zenbu” was originally released by Ippei Matsui and Aki Tsuyuko as a private work in 2008, and is now remastered and reissued as a 2LP vinyl edition for the first time by the record store + label All Night Flight, based in Manchester, UK.

A collection of organ, piano, and synthesizer songs with a minimal number of notes, like a series of sketches – “Natsu No Zenbu” (All of Summer) was recorded in an old Japanese house beside the railway track throughout the summer of 2008. A beautiful assemblage of small pieces gathered during daily life in the summertime – emerging from the hum of introspective guitar feedback, the gaps in the sounds from the field, and the melodies floating through the summer air. The pieces on “Natsu No Zenbu” are singular visions – surrounded by a private atmosphere and a unique view of the world, filled with mysterious melodies.

We are grateful to offer copies of “Natsu No Zenbu” – a very special collection of works near & dear to us at Incidental Music – for pre-sale and direct wholesale.

Music by Aki Tsuyuko & Ippei Matsui with guest musician Yasushi Yoshida. Mixed by Makoto Inada. Artwork by Ippei Matsui. The original recordings have been mastered by Miles Whittaker and the gatefold 2LP is manufactured by Pallas.

Aki Tsuyuko has released her solo works through Childisc, Thrill Jockey, Moikai, and RVNG Intl. Ippei Matsui is active in the hardcore punk band “MALIMPLIKI”, “SOCIO LA DIFEKTA” and more, and he also works across boundaries as a painter. Aki and Ippei also perform together in the psychedelic folk band “WASUREROGUSA” alongside members of “Eddie Marcon”. Yasushi Yoshida guests on “Natsu No Zenbu” – a renegade vocalist active as both a solo and session musician, as well as in groups “bonanzas” “OBOO” after his career as “Suspiria” “Nasca Car” “Spasmom”.


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