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Human Rights

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What our staff has to say: “Absolutely massive tome of cutting edge ‘science-fiction’ novellas & essays. A must have for any lover of transgressive writing. Has an equally essential bibliography of classic science-fiction texts to continue falling down the rabbithole” – Cleo

edited by Philip Best
illustrated throughout by Steven Purtill

614 pages
Perfect bound
8.5 x 6.5″

Over 600 pages of original SF novellas and stories by Thomas Moore, Audrey Szasz, Christopher Zeischegg, Simon Morris (his final completed novella), Blake Butler, Kenji Siratori, SJXSJC, Alexandrine Ogundimu, David Cotner, Ian Haig and Philip Best, plus Adam Lehrer on Crypto-Transgression in Art and Jarett Kobek interviewed by Grant Maierhofer.
With a selected bibliography, 1967-1978.

Cover design by Sarah Froelich
Editorial Assistance by Audrey Szasz




Amphetamine Sulphate

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