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How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? – S/T LP

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How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? is a trio from Turin, Italy consisting of Gher, Coccolo and Iside. They play guitars, bass, tapes and reverbs and throw in some voices. They love wood stumps, that’s where the name came from. Now I know you’re thinking it’s a funny name but believe me when I say it makes perfectly sense, in sort of weird, creepy way. Their music is pitch black layers of drones and male vocals with crystalline guitar arpeggios and otherworldly female vocals hovering in the acoustic space. Something dwelling among the most experimental peaks reached by Coil, Current 93 and Death In June. They have self-released few CDRs and one spilt 7” with Father Murphy in recent times on Boring Machines and Avant! Records. The self-titled debut LP (coreleased with Boring Machines again) is composed of six new tracks, the music is slow, distorted, rich in reverbs and low frequencies, suggesting deep and dark landscapes. It’s surely devilish and unsettling at first, but the melodies hidden in the drones tangle are peaceful and refreshing.


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