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Hummingbird Of Death / I Accuse – Split

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Sound Pollution proudly hooks up I ACCUSE and HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH for a quintessential fastcore classic. I ACCUSE from Detroit Michigan tear it up with 11 songs of raging thrash punk. All the catchy pissed off hardcore that made their debut EP on Sound Pollution so great multiplied ten fold. I ACCUSE explode with fast hardcore’s fury mixing in punk hooks. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH hail from the city SEPTIC DEATH put on the map, Boise Idaho. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH unleash 15 songs of ultra fast stop on a dime thrash with the requisite amazing drummer. Think NO COMMENT meets SHORT HATE TEMPER. With an upcoming EP on 625, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH will rightly take their place in the heart of any fan of insanely fast hardcore thrash. This is 100% ass kicking, blood boiling thrash!

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