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High Boys – Dead Zones

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Jean-Louis Huhta (Dungeon Acid) and Ideal label head Joachim Nordwall unite once again as High Boys for an EP influenced by their love of old school acid, bad vibes, dub 7”s, William S Burroughs and 80s industrial music.

The pair are already bandmates of sorts as part of the mighty Skull Defekts, but anyone familiar with Dungeon Acid’s much sought after catalogue or Nordwall’s sprawling, eclectic interests will no doubt already have their ears pricked for this one. The results are pretty much inline with what you’d expect: warehouse productions infused with all the grit and experimental determination you’d imagine.

Described by Nordwall as “Claustrophobic industrial acid”, there’s a definite sense of dread permeating these tracks, situating them somewhere between the Nordic, gothic techno ambience of Varg and Mika Vainio’s analogue prowess. It will be interesting to see what happens if these two put their minds together for a full length, but on the evidence presented here High Boys is a project well worth tuning into…


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