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Greyhound – I Felt The Sun

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What our staff has to say: “heartfelt hazy michigan experimental music. spoken words and beautiful loops” – Alex

Hazy sad loops, rudimentary for supreme taste mixing and molasses vocals. Greyhound is one of my favorite projects happening for the past several years. Tapes & online releases appear from nowhere. Tyriq is always busting another great release out. “I Felt The Sun” is less Shadow Ring than earlier releases, but still brings the spoken word delivery of Dean Blunt, Robert Ashley & Giorno over busted loops, percussive odds and ends and lo-fi folk scraps.

Tyriq is it. Period. These tapes are a time and place, definitively alone in style.

Red clear norelco cases with highlighter orange tape shells.

Recorded 2020 & 2021 by Greyhound.


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