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Golden Braid – Golden Braid

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Ambient tone loop collage by Mike Adams (Crossroads of America, Burnt Toast Vinyl, Sounds Familyre, Joyful Noise)… special one-time 300 copy pressing LP that can be played forwards and backwards.

Original source tapes provided by Mkl Anderson (Drekka, Dais Records), Jared Cheek (Flannelgraph), Tyler Damon (Thee Open Sex, Tashi Dorji, Darin Gray), John Dawson (Thee Open Sex, Magnetic South), Greg Dixon (Quixod), Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie, Microphones, K Records), & Rachel Yoder (Madera Wind Quintet, Editor – The Clarinet Journal).

Resulting tape loops assembled and mixed together in real time by Mike Adams in Bloomington, IN 2015

“I read an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few years ago about climate change and his approach toward educating the masses on practical matters of science. In it, he referred to an “eternal golden braid” he is attempting to weave between science, humor, and pop culture. It’s a noble and murky philosophy, entwining and elevating hard scientific data and history into the zeitgeist with Kardashian goings-on, and Comedy Central Roasts.

A few months after that, I ran into a friend of mine who was reading this enormous book called, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Apparently, it’s an entire book about the similarities between math, symmetry, and logic, and how the rules and systems we apply to these ideas are what gives them their meaning.

Around this same time, I had become interested in creating and manipulating cassette tape loops. I had recently finished working on a more pop-oriented record with my name written largely on every aspect of it and wanted to be involved in some musical collaboration where I wasn’t in total control. I contacted a short list of a few friends – folks I admired and thought would be receptive to the idea – and asked them for a five minute cassette tape of literally anything they wanted to record. Once I received all of the tapes in the mail, I made individual, random tape loops of varying length out of each of them. Then, using 6 cassette decks, a few effects, and a mixing board, I combined all of the sounds together into a 20-minute live mix. I did this process a few times
(including before a live audience), before I felt comfortable enough to record it. Each performance is completely different from the last.

I can’t necessarily explain why all these ideas seem so related to me, aside from the obvious touches of free association and timing. But, this record feels like a very specific snapshot of a time in my life, and of my relationships to a few people and the world I live in. I hope the way it feels and sounds combines with this information about how it was made to give it some sort of lasting meaning.”

– Mike Adams, February 2017


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