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Globe Unity Orchestra & The Choir Of The NDR-Broadcast – Hamburg ’74

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What our staff has to say: “Large ensemble free jazz with a choir, yes please! Euro free jazz crew of Brotzmann, Parker, Benninck, Schoof, Bailey, Schlippenbach, Lovens, Rutherford, Kowald, Wheeler, Carl, Dudek, Pilz, Christmann, and the Choir Of the NDR-Broadcast!! This one’s a doozy!!” – Jon

Recorded during the 105th NDR Jazzworkshop, November 19, 1974 at the Funkhaus Hamburg, großer Sendesaal. This album was originally released on FMP in 1979 (FMP 0560). Liner notes by Alexander von Schlippenbach (in German). 180 gram vinyl.

Personnel: Manfred Schoof – trumpet; Kenny Wheeler – trumpet; Peter Brötzmann – reeds; Rüdiger Carl – alto & tenor saxophone; Gerd Dudek: soprano & tenor saxophone; Evan Parker – soprano & tenor saxophone; Michel Pilz – bass clarinet; Günter Christmann – trombone; Paul Rutherford – trombone; Derek Bailey – guitar; Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano; Peter Kowald – double bass, tuba; Han Bennink – drums, percussion, clarinet; Paul Lovens – drums, percussion; and the Choir of the NDR-Broadcast conducted by Helmut Franz.