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Gee Gee Decorator – Gee Gee Decorator

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On the same label that brought us that Pat Metheny “Zero Tolerance for Silence” ‘reissue’ last year…. Insane “private press” ultra-obscurity reissued for the very first time. No one seems to know what the real story is with this band or what year exactly this is from but the general consensus seems to be “Newark, NJ some time in the 1980’s” The insert/press release isn’t much help but, here it is:

We at Coq Au Vinyl are very happy to present to you the first reissue of rare
LP by the extraordinary and virtually UNKNOWN American rhythm and blues ensemble GEE GEE DECORATOR. Released (we think?) in late 70’s or early 80’s in Newark, NJ, the GEE GEE DECORATOR LP answers our questions What if Pussy Galore jam with ESG? What if Harry Pussy get funky? What if Dead C record LP with Sharon Jones? Copies of this vinyl LP rarely turn up over the years, even among hardcore collectors of SERIOUS Waxidermical artifacts of funk, gospel, disco, boogie, R&B etc. We find our copy in 2002 while visiting set of “Sopranos” while our college roommate Jean-Hugues Anglade guest stars in episode where he steals money from Artie Buco. Artie’s restaurant is in same building as recording studio listed on LP label (Record Thing Studio, 95 Halsey St, Newark, NJ) We mainly go to try to meet episode director Steve Buscemi but end up just going through boxes of old vinyl in basement of Artie’s restaurant with actor who play Furio (he’s a big dancehall guy). I take copy of GEE GEE DECORATOR hoping to pass it off as “funky GG Allin” to dumb dumbs at Utrecht Fair but upon hearing pummeling trash can drums, frenetic tuneless guitar and word “FUCK” within 10 seconds of dropping needle and I am HOOKED like Christopher Moltisanti and his heroin! Please enjoy!”
First Pressing Edition of 313 copies on 140g black vinyl in black disco sleeve with sticker.”



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