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Flaming Ears – Blu-Ray

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Super-8 DIY flmmaking at its most audacious, Flaming Ears is a pop sci-fi lesbian extravaganza set in the year 2700 in the fictional burned-out city of Asche. In this cardboard-and-plastic dystopia, Spy (Susana Helmayr) is a comic book artist whose printing presses are burned down by Volley (Ursula Puerrer), a sexed-up pyromaniac. Wounded in her quest for revenge, Spy is sheltered by Nun (A. Hans Scheirl), an amoral alien in a red plastic suit with a predilection for reptiles…who also happens to be Volley’s lover. This story of obsession and revenge is also an anti-romantic plea for love in all its many forms. A truly fearless underground film newly restored in 4K, Flaming Ears playfully disrupts narrative conventions with its witty approach to film genre, and its punk visual splendor.

Special Features:
• Three short films: Super-8-Girl Games (1985, 3 Min.) | Gezacktes Rinnsal schleicht sich schamlos schenkelnässend an (Jagged trickle sneaks shamelessly thigh-wetting, 1985, 4 Min.) | Das schwarze Herz tropft (Bastelanleitung zu R-innen) (The Black Heart Drips, 1985, 13 Min.)

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