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Fashion Flesh ‎– High Esteem CS

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In pursuit of his label debut with a mind-boggling full-length player, followed by a tape on Jacktone Records, here comes Fashion Flesh latest effort to date. Showcasing the many sided-zones of the gifted Michigan-based musician, this new album is all about Styrofoam boulders grooving in mid-century glass bungalows. Nodding to an audience of peeping birds, stealing their grunts and squeaks for tomorrow’s birdsong. Let alone the nostalgic laments of rubber tires rubbing each other in the rain. Drifting among space junk, dancing down like the contents of torn pillows in the pastel mellow dawning of the sun. Bike-chain humanoids grinding tough on fresh linens. Amplified puppet mouths opera sizing through orange peel breath. Improvisational screenplays acted out by ready-made professionals, no make up necessary. Every day is a holiday, leading to improved tomorrows through everyone’s new confidence and High Esteem.


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