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Disperser – A Bastion of Et Cetera

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“Featuring the combined talents of guitarist/vocalist Joel Henline (Humans, Ex Fauna) and drummer Thomas O’Connell (Hot Nerds), DISPERSER create spastic, noisy, math punk that is as intricate as it is dissonant, mixing the intensity of grindcore with slimy, off-the-wall riffage that has more in common with classical than it does with metal. Across the 15 tracks on “A Bastion of Et Cetera”, the rhythms rarely relent, pummeling the listener alongside pitch-shifted distortion, screamed lyrical abstractions, and a production value that feels like being repeatedly punched in the chest. An apropos manifestation of the musical chaos that is DISPERSER, captured in their prime.” Auris Apothecary

Limited Edition of 500
– 250 teal
– 200 white
– 50 clear with teal orb (SOLD OUT)


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