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Dennis Etchison (editor) – Cutting Edge Anthology

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Doubleday Hardcover

From Publishers Weekly:
This ambitious volume of horror storiesin the words of the publisher “an anthology that explores new directions in speculative literature”is marred by several pretentious or deliberately cryptic entries; there are, however, many that are excellent. The book does not break new ground, despite its aspirations, but it’s well worth a look. Among the best stories: Peter Straub’s “Blue Rose,” about a disturbed youth whose violence finds its inevitable expression in the insanity of Vietnam; Joe Haldeman’s account of another Viet vet, “The Monster,” whose ability to adopt different personalities gets out of control in a spectacular manner; George Clayton Johnson’s “The Man with a Hoe,” a tale of the worm turning, with a vengeance; Ramsey Campbell’s almost unbearably claustrophobic chiller of a traveling book salesman who wanders into a particularly loathsome Hell; Charles L. Grant’s “Out There,” which tells of a man who has drawn the web of his life so tightly it cuts him when he tries to break free; and Clive Barker’s horror-detective story, “Lost Souls,” an unusually restrained tale for this author. Literary Guild, Mystery Guild, Doubleday Book Club and Science Book Club alternates.

VG with dustjacket wear/slight tear to edge


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