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D.O.A. – War On 45

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Reissue of this 1982 D.O.A. classic album in its original form. This was D.O.A’s third album, coming on the heels of Something Better Change and Hardcore 81. It made a great impression on punks and a wider swath of people than the the band had ever reached before. One of the key tracks was their version of Edwin Starr’s giant hit War. This was the first time that D.O.A. had been widely played on radio across North America and Europe. The band, in the best punk/reggae spirit, really broke open some new ground for themsleves with their amazing adaptation of Ranking Trevor’s, War in the East. Of course they turn the throttle wide open with songs that have become D.O.A. mainstays like: Liar For Hire, I’m Right, You’re Wrong, America The Beautiful, I Hate You, Let’s Fuck and a blazing cover of The Dils, Class War.


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