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Corporate Park – Exchange

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What our staff has to say: “Exchange was originally release on a criminally mere 72 copies on cassette via Sexkrime Arts (the former imprint run by Alex K of Climax Denial / Fog Of Joy etc. until the formulation of Virtues) and hence this LP reissue exists as a prime example of the importance of archival reissues and attention to quality: Clangorous, classically sensed industrial rhythms juxtaposed with a ‘noise sensibility’ in freedom, abrasiveness and mood but all under still somehow remaining a good bit more listenable (and dare I say danceable!) than your average ‘industrial’ album. The perfect rendition of an old school vibe all too often poorly imitated but as displayed here, captured to perfection and rendered unforgettable.” – Brandon

Vinyl reissue of the much sought-after 2009 debut cassette by cult industrial act Corporate Park. A mix of heavy minimal beats, distant vocals and dark alien electro soundscapes that Corporate Park has become known for in later releases on Nostilevo and two collaborative LPs with Beau Wanzer. The new imprint, Virtues, is proud to present its first release, distributed by Fantastique, powerfully remastered by Dan Randall and pressed on 180g vinyl with heavy matte jackets.