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Cienfuegos – Adios

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Adios, Cienfuegos’ fourth full length album, is a collection of genre-bending sketches and songs dealing with loss, paranoia and the uncompromising passage of time into nothingness. Recorded in New York City, Moscow and Berlin, and consisting of three distinct parts, the work expresses a wide range of emotion, from sorrow and mania to ecstasy. As with his previous work, Cienfuegos departs from industrial tropes—but taking it a step further, he departs from himself.

Conceptually, Adios revolves around the idea that while matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it is always moving towards a colder form of energy. Many of the sketches are meditations on what it means to move towards this cooler energy, the universal death drive that all are subject to, but it is also an acknowledgement of the joys had on the way there.

High-bias c44 cassette tape with full-color variant tape labels. Includes 8.5 x 10.5 full-color insert. Limited to 100 copies.



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