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Casagemas – Barlovento CS

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Limited tape edition of 50 copies on clear, imprinted shells with Risograph covers and newsprint insert.

An auxiliary extension to the longtime minimal synth powerhouse that is Equinoxious from Mexico City. Historically, Casagemas was a good friend of Picasso’s, an artist too, but always lived somewhat in the shadows of the prolific painter’s misunderstood underbelly. This polar duality is expressed via downtempo and untrodden patterns partially submerged in a canyon of post-modular ambient debris. A windward navigation uncovering expansive aquatic zones, afloat a ship propelled by Nautical/Nocturnal synthetics. A stray cast-away’s eternal journey at sea; lost until you find the signal.

All music and cover art concept by Rogelio Serrano
Eurorack Modular, Contact Microphone, Poly Synth, Acoustic Guitar

Layout by Richard Vergez
Risograph printing by KSY Press


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