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Bughouse Video T-Shirt


Bughouse Video. A  independent video rental shop that was located in Northside, Cincinnati.

Printed On white 100% cotton shirts


A note from Alex:

Over the summer I was stopping by Clifton Natural Foods to pickup some post-lunch snacks and Will was working, wearing an OG Bughouse tee. After 30 minutes of haggling, I convinced him to let it go for $60 & a Torn Light tee. We posted it on our social media as a mellow brag and people lost their minds. I showed Brian ( The Owner Of Bughouse) the IG post the next time he was in the shop and we talked shop for a bit, and I casually mentioned the idea of reprinting the tees… And here we are!

I think as the world changes more and more and people value the “man behind the curtain” less and less. Things like Bughouse become even more special. Our movie corner & screenings regularly have people mentioning how much they miss Bughouse. It only seemed fitting to replicate and print up a fresh batch of tees for everyone who cherished this lost Cincinnati institution.

❤️ Don’t take these special places for granted. Some day – we’ll all be gone.


2X Large, Large, Medium, Small, Xtra Large