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Blod – Där Ska Barnet Vara

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What our staff has to say: “Great record from Discreet Music. Has that wobbly sound that pervades most if not all of the albums they put out. Fits many moods of listening.” – Jack

New album from Blod recorded during the second half of 2022 by Gustaf Dicksson. Där Ska Barnet Vara is a continuation of the themes explored on Pilgrimssånger and contains nine more songs dealing with faith in different forms, with a strong presence of death. Compared to Pilgrimssånger, the sound is slightly more lo-fi and fucked up and the approach is somewhat looser and more desperate, but here are some of the strongest and most fragile and heartfelt Blod songs to date. Additional players on the record are Astrid Øster Mortensen (vocals, flute, saxophone & piano), Anna Johannesson (vocals) and Magnus Jäverling (organ and flute). Mastered by Joakim Karlsson. Note: All covers are screenprinted and assembled using old record sleeves so there can be tiny defects like worn out corners, marks and occasional seam splits.


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