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Big Star – Third (Live at the Alex Theatre)

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The incredibly influential power pop band Big Star (1971-1974) was formed in Memphis, TN by Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens and Andy Hummel. They continue to inspire fans and musicians alike to this day. Big Star’s Third Live is the vinyl companion of the recently released THANK YOU FRIENDS BIG STAR’S THIRD LIVE AND MORE, featuring such musical luminaries as Jeff Tweedy, Chris Stamey, Mitch Easter, Mike Mills and Robyn Hitchcock, performing Big Star songs. This vinyl release will feature the third portion of the live concert including “Femme Fatale” which was not included on the CD and DVD/Blu Ray release. As an added bonus, five additional songs recorded during the concert but not included on the CD + DVD/BR release are here, including versions of “Till the End of the Day” and “The Letter.” This is the first time on vinyl for any of these recordings with a total of six previously unreleased songs. Get yourself a little Big Star this Christmas!

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