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Band Of Horses – Things Are Great (Translucent Red Vinyl)

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Band of Horses have released their highly anticipated new album, Things Are Great, via BMG. The album, hailed by critics as “their best album in years”, features their first Number One radio hit ‘Crutch’, now followed by their newest single ‘Warning Signs’.

The song was born out of an incident in 2016, when founder and frontman Ben Bridwell lost his voice onstage at the Sydney Opera House, bringing him to tears in front of the Australian audience.

Bridwell explained, “I couldn’t sing and I just started weeping. And you can’t sing when you’re crying. It’s impossible. So that’s what the whole, like, crying at work thing was. I thought it seemed a bit universal. Everybody knows you’re not allowed to be emotional at your job, but I bet all of us have probably been through something like that.”


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