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Bananafish: #13

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Since 1986, a time some of your favorite writers were busy discussing the genius of Gov’t Issue and debating the merits of early Gang Green (although today they’ll have you believe silent CDs with a single electronic chirp at 35:25 are essential listening), Bananafish magazine has been devoted to undermining the dreams and aspirations of fun-killing explainers, rimless bifocal’d complainers, and horrid gothic sourpusses otherwise known as “the experimental music community.” As usual, the magazine comes with a full-length CD containing exclusive music and sound contributed by the featured artists. Interviewed in this issue: Japanese droneur Diesel Guitar; electronic post-pioneer and composer Ilhan Mimaroglu; French publishers of silkscreened books Le Dernier Cri; homemade electronic noise duo Nautical Almanac; Los Angeles free music kingpins Solid Eye; lovers of Prince and improv sound collage Universal Indians; lovers of fantasy and free electronics Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase; and the hardest working percussionist in new music William Winant. Electronic deep theorist irr. app. (ext.), former Scissor Girl A.Z., and New Zealand solo freak Witcyst each contribute several pages of Dante-esque words and Bosch-like images. Last but not least, New Zealand filmmaker, animator, electricity demon Nigel Bunn gives Barbara Manning a guided tour of his gadgetry wonderland.



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