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Bacillus/Interracial Sex – The Tropics

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This work is a vindictive zoonosis wherein your civilization encroaches the realm of us two filth-trodden animals, allowing us near enough to breathe into you.
Now, we are so close that our shit is in your soil and our piss is in your river. The air, here, hangs full of our dander and snot – and we hope you’re all sick with it.

It was inevitable that we collaborated together. Over the years we have been sharing the same stage a number of times around Seattle (and once in San Francisco). We have admired each other’s uncompromising singular focus on uncomfortable subjects. On the subject of tropical pathogens, one rife with complicated issues surrounding race, sex, and disease, it just seemed natural for us to join together to tackle them. What came out was as dense, humid, and oppressive as the tropics themselves, the birthplace of humankind, and the diseases that infect them.
-Peter Keller


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