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Aube – Spindrift

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AMAZING REISSUE (another one!?) Originally released in 1992… Utilizing only the sound of water – the first release on legendary G.R.O.S.S.  imprint… A listen that will engulf you, and leave you feeling like you’ve been surrounded in all directions. All gentle sounds are at maximum, all loud sounds are heard underwater. Everything is murky and equally beautiful and ambient while remaining a sonically driven recording. Play at full volume and read the incredible liner notes from Satoru Higashiseto. A great starting point for Aube, or even experimental in general. (If you’re starting here for Aube, grip the always affordable “Metal De Metal” CD from 1996. I love it!)

Beautiful sound on this record. R&L did an excellent job.

Remastered for vinyl by Josh Bonati. – Alex Y.