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Limited Edition 12" Ep now available from one of our in house labels 4Q-HQ

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Astro – Shell Star/SPICA CD

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Label Description:

In March 2004 I released what was then, and remains now, one of the titles I am most proud to have released on Cipher Productions: the Astro ‘Shell Star/Spica’ 2×3″CDR. Now five years later that material is reissued on CD, with all-new artwork from Mike Shiflet. ‘Shell Star/Spica’ was one of the first Astro releases to truly crystalise Hiroshi Hasegawa’s use of subtle editing techniques and beautiful layering/mixing control with his synth mastery, for two near-20 minute tracks of dizzying orchestration and arrangement. This is where the modern Astro sound began, to be continued into equally competent works as ‘Astral Orange Sunshine’, and I’m incredibly pleased to make it available again for those who missed out the first time around. Jewel case edition of 500 copies.


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