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ant’lrd – Sleep Drive LP

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ant’lrd, the name given to Colin Blanton, is responsible for scores of moving synth-landscapes of obscured inputs and high cloud ceilings. For Sleep Drive, Blanton called on Odd Nosdam (cLOUDDEAD, .anticon) to master the record, drawing out inherent melodies in the album’s stunning ambient compositions and anchoring Sleep Drive’s beat-oriented tracks by wrapping them in a palpable, warm vinyl crackle. The result is something to lose an entire afternoon in without the slightest sensation of lost time. A totem against procrastination and inattention.



IMPOSE: “For Sleep Drive, cLOUDEAD and .anticon’s Odd Nosam was summoned to master the record. ant’lrd creates long, moving synth music that has a certain ambience to it. It’s warm, it’s distinct, it leaves an impression. You almost have to listen to it in the right setting, say a rainy day, to get the best effect of ant’lrd’s compositions.”

ADHOC: “…The track plays out like some distant but definite spiritual offspring of rustically kosmische synth explorers Cluster. The video for “Kasuisai” follows a series of obscured but alluring images of nature, feeling not unlike a dosed walkabout or some pastoral waking dream.”

TEXTURA: ” Pulsations gradually extract themselves from the murky undertow and contest the ambient mass for supremacy until a harmonious balance is struck between them. Ultimately, the pulsations recede, allowing the swirl to reassert its dominance and ease the listener out on a wave of blissed-out calm.”

TINY MIXTAPES: “Sleep Drive is the spiritual cleanser that pushes away the graying clouds and allows a little sunshine to hit your cool, fall patch of land.”

LOST IN A SEA OF SOUND: “The sounds Colin creates are a spectacular combination of organic electronics and root drone. Flowing through time, brilliantly rudimentary, seeking core feelings from all listeners. Divided into three tracks, the first side provides embryonic beats echoing across the humidly drenched edge where water and earth meets.”

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