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Amok Journal Sensurround Edition

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Subtitled A Compendium of Phycho-Physiological Investigation, what you get in the Amok Journal’s SENSURROUND EDITION is a collection of reports, articles and general research on autoerotic fatalities, trepanation, Gualtiero Jacopetti, cargo cults, Neue Slowenische Kunst, self-mutilation and amputee fetishism, infrasound and a collection of true emergency room reports called Psych-Out.
All of the material presented here is true. Some of it seems unbelievable but all the reports here are covering behaviors that these people were engaging in willingly (even some of the fatal ones) for the purpose of having some sort of heightened sensory experience. Nearly all of this behavior does NOT involve drugs, focusing more on altered experience through altered body state.
Not for the easily squeamish. Despite the extreme subject matter, this volume is highly intelligent and an amazing psychological peek into the fringes of human experiences.

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