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Ambienti Coassiali – Across Distances

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Incidental Music presents “Across Distances”, a new digital EP by Ambienti Coassiali featuring two previously unreleased “Room” pieces from the original “Vol. 1” sessions alongside two new tracks.

“Across Distances” marks the first release of Incidental Music’s “Reflections” series, examining compositions across the passage of time and space.

Though the pieces featured on “Across Distances” were recorded over thirty years apart, they feature the same modest setup of a singular digital synthesizer (Yamaha DX7II) – reverberating the sound and musical spirit of Ambienti Coassiali over the past three decades.

Rooms 7 & 8, recorded in 1988 as part of the original “Vol. 1” sessions, follow the original “Rooms” series of stanzas in their gradual, ethereal development – slowly revealing something deeper in the subconscious of the listener. The nearly 11-minute “Room 7” features glass-like FM synthesis tones which gently drift in and out of the ether with a sort of sacred fragility. “Room 7” was initially included on the “Mani Sottili – Cuori Caldi” cassette compilation on Megamagomusic, but this newly unearthed and previously unreleased alternate extended version is unique to “Across Distances”.

‎Those familiar with the works of Milanese group “The Doubling Riders” may recognize “Room 8” as the foundation of the composition “Oltre Cydamus” off of the 1991 album “Garama”. The previously unreleased “Room 8” featured on “Across Distances” is a much more minimal interpretation of the Doubling Riders piece, revealing the more sparse processes of Ambienti Coassiali with a shared “ancient futuristic” approach to sound like that espoused by contemporaries Futuro Antico.

These two unreleased pieces are juxtaposed with two new works – 1stOper Variations & Operator Six, recorded in 2020 and 2019 respectively. These two pieces evoke “Vol. 1” era Ambienti Coassiali sensibilities through their slow, surreal development in phrasing, but add a deeper dynamic range and more lush layering of digital synthesis – communicating more nuanced tonal mastery & exploring uncharted landscapes in their development.


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