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  • SHV – We Belong Dead
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    “We Belong Dead” is a gritty piece of late ’00s cassette culture and underground ingenuity from Alley Dennig’s SHV project, with a hard-to-classify sound somewhere between [...]

  • Drone – A Perfect Blind
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    The 2nd in our 3 drøne reissues, released on cassette for the first time, in anticipation of new material from the band late ’19, early ’20 a perfect blind was […]

  • Sissy Spacek – Blear (Expanded CD version)
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    An entropic vortex of full-room tear-up texture. Duo lineup of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese. Originally released in 2018 on LP/CS, this crucial CD reissue brings back into a print […]

  • Sissy Spacek — Electric Field In Parallel
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Another stunning, definitive and beyond harsh release from the arguably the most forward thinking ultra-sonic-destruction unit in the world.’ -Brandon Hill (Fantastique / Starved [...]

  • Sissy Spacek – Reslayer CD
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Sissy Spacek reaching full maturation – Hyper destructive low end heavy cut ups. Harsh noise from unheard nether-realms.’ -Brandon Hill (Fantastique / Starved Relations) [...]

  • Secret Boyfriend – Stud Control
    $9.00 | Add to cart

    instrumental tape-loop and ambient pieces from summer 2021

  • Les Horribles Travailleurs – Late 1988-Early 1989
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    A cluster of cassette and tape reel recordings dating back to 1988–1989 from Les Horribles Travailleurs, a project by audio/visual artist Max Kuiper (Netherlands). This series of unidentified [...]

  • Primitive Isolation Tactics – Compiling Beliefs
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    Compiling Beliefs is the latest terse cut from Taylor Geddes’ PRIMITIVE ISOLATION TACTICS (Montreal). A swift-paced knot of harsh electronics boiled down, and belting your eardrums before you [...]

  • Magpie Cemetary – Model City
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    Model City, an environmental harsh-noise release by Magpie Cemetery (Nevada, USA), shoves us through an unyielding journey of mistrust and disintegration via crude, distorted recordings. [...]

  • Dodge Jones Rage – West Coast Power Outage
    $7.00 | Add to cart

    Chris Dodge Mason Jones William Rage

  • 75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band – Live At Tubby’s
    $28.00 | , Add to cart

    At the beginning of March, just as the first signs of the COVID-19 pandemic were starting to appear in the Northeast, Rick and I did a short run of shows […]

  • The Wire – #461 July 2022
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    “AMM: For 50 years, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe and John Tilbury have had their sights set firmly on sonic freedom, changing the landscape of music in the process. By Clive […]

  • The Wire – #460 June 2022
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    “On the cover: Phew. The Japanese punk survivor and intrepid vocalist/composer continues to build an impressive catalogue of collaborations, solo projects and band work in a career now [...]

  • Surface Of The Earth – S/T
    $36.00 | , Add to cart

    Since its release in 1995, Surface of the Earth’s self-titled first album has gradually been recognized as an unlikely minimalist masterpiece and one of the key albums to emerge from […]

  • Nurse With Wound – Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s (CD & Book)
    $36.00 | , , , Add to cart

    Deluxe art book CD of 24-pages, sewn; all artworks by Babs Santini. “This 1983 period in which Gyllensköld was recorded was a fantastic time for the evolution of Steven Stapleton’s [...]

  • Nurse With Wound – Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s
    $39.00 | , Add to cart

    2022 restock. “This 1983 period in which Gyllensköld was recorded was a fantastic time for the evolution of Steven Stapleton’s audio art. His collaborations with Diana Rogerson, [...]

  • Tollem McDonas / Pauline Oliveros / Nels Cline – Molecular Affinity
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    2016 release. Molecular Affinity is a first ever meeting among Nels Cline, Thollem McDonas, and Pauline Oliveros. Thollem McDonas, “This is the third trio album Nels and I have made […]

  • V/A – Love, Peace & Poetry – Chilean Psychedelic Music
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    Limited 2022 restock; LP glossy gatefold heavy sleeve; 180 gram pressing. The Love, Peace & Poetry series from QDK continues in Chile, with 17 tracks culled from some of the […]

  • Thirdorgan – Loch Ness monster
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    New album from Japan’s most extreme noise artist — Thirdorgan. Owner of Alienation Cult label returns to a mysterious and wonderful theme that will be familiar to Thirdorgan fanatics, [...]

  • V/A – La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990
    $35.00 | , Add to cart

    2022 repress. 2020 release. Following La Contra Ola (BJR015), Bongo Joe is pleased to present La Ola Interior, a compilation exploring the ambient side of the Spanish electronic music produced [...]

  • Mika Vainio – 25082016235210179 (Live At Berlin Atonal)
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    Berlin Atonal announce the release of Mika Vainio’s live performance at the 2016 edition of the festival. Accompanied by the artwork from Vainio’s personal archives, its soft lack of [...]

  • Pebbles Vol. 10
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    BFD – 5027 – A Media Condition – VG+, few marks on each side. Sleeve Condition – VG+, light wear

  • MattxIbarra – Head Face & Meat 12″
    $20.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Techno’ has always avoided definition. Be it referencing the classic experimental and working class sounds from its origins in the early 80’s in Germany or later in Detroit – to […]

  • Prurient ‎– Frozen Niagara Falls
    $30.00 | , Add to cart

    Profound Lore Records – PFL-152.5 Media Condition – VG+, all 3 LPs in nice shape, very light wear. Sleeve Condition – VG+, light wear on sleeve.

  • Artbreakhotel – Karas LP
    $25.00 | Add to cart

    Nobuo Yamada returns with his first LP under the moniker ARTBREAKHOTEL (Saitama, Japan). KARAS swivels two unyielding junk-metal-compositions of wheezing steel, fluid screeching, and a horde of [...]

  • Various Artists – Slowscan 52 – Drag Marks (10 CS boxset)
    $300.00 | Add to cart

    In (heavy and over-sized) wooden box of 40 handnumbered copies. Includes one handnumbered insert. 10 audiotqps with interviews/statements, experimental and electronic music by William Burroughs, [...]

  • MC5 – Back In The USA
    $32.00 | , Add to cart

    Atlantic – SD 8247 Media Condition – VG, LP has some hairline scratches and marks. Sleeve Condition – VG, Sleeve has ring wear and lots of wear from age. Some […]

  • The Fugs – Golden Filth
    $14.00 | , Add to cart

    Reprise Records – RS 6396 Media Condition – VG+, light wear on LP. Sleeve Condition – VG+, still in shrink, good shape just light wear.

  • The Fugs – The Belle Of Avenue A
    $14.00 | , Add to cart

    Reprise – RS 6359 Media Condition – VG+, few light marks on each side Sleeve Condition – VG+, great shape, minor wear.

  • Jerry Hunt – Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams
    $30.00 | , Add to cart

    The final album released by the composer-performer Jerry Hunt before his death, Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams is a rare and foundational audio document of Hunt’s compositional process. [...]

  • Bitter Blood Street Theatre – Vol. I
    $45.00 | , Add to cart

    Vetco Records – Vetco 701 Media Condition – VG, has some bigger marks in a few spots Sleeve Condition – VG+, very light wear – light shelf wear.

  • Bitter Blood Street Theatre – Vol. 2
    $36.00 | , Add to cart

    Vetco Records – Vetco 703 Media Condition – VG+, few marks on each side Sleeve Condition – VG, sleeve is great but calling VG due to some wear on the […]

  • Alex Cunningham – Armor
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    Six tracks of solo acoustic violin improvisation, recorded at home in October 2020. Alex Cunningham – violin, objects, artwork

  • Death Grips – Fashion Leaks – The Lost Tapes
    $35.00 | , Add to cart

    Bootleg Media Condition – VG+, very light wear Sleeve Condition – VG+, great shape very light wear

  • The Styrenes – It Came Out Of Cleveland 1973-1979 Vol. 1
    $31.00 | , Add to cart

    Full-length album of legendary ’70s pre-punk band from Cleveland. “Post-punk before punk ever happened,” that’s what Rolling Stone called the Styrenes. For once, they were [...]

  • V/A – Valley Of The Sun: Field Guide To Inner Harmony
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Both a marketing firm and metaphysical mission, Valley of the Sun synthesized style and spirituality to produce an extensive catalog that at once defines and defies new age music. Founder […]

  • Captain Beefheart: The Biography
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    Here is the real story of the cult figure known as one of modern music’s true innovators.  Following Don Van Vliet’s death, Mike Barnes reassesses his legacy through new interview […]

  • V/A – Silberland – Vol. 1: The Psychedelic Side Of Kosmische Musik
    $35.00 | , Add to cart

    What our staff has to say: “Brand new comp from Germany’s premiere Krautrock reissue label, Bureau B, featuring a who’s who of synth wielding Krautrock legends from the [...]

  • Coil – London Hall 10/12/02
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    Fan Club Edition Live recording on October 12th, 2002 at London’s Convay Hall.

  • Pedestrian Deposit – The Architector
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    The culmination of five years of obsessive work — fits and starts of ongoing perfectionism that spawned two solo projects and two additional records. Beginning with crude and unfamiliar source [...]

  • Floating Spectrum – A Point Between
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    Floating Spectrum is the moniker for Taiwan-born, Berlin-based composer and audio technologist, Mei-Fang Liau. Her debut album as Floating Spectrum, A Point Between – crafted from a combination [...]

  • VA: Thousands Of Eyes In the Dark
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    For two decades, Ghostly International has functioned at the joints of genre, distinctly connecting many, demarcated by none. Among the more curious throughlines in the label’s stylistic [...]

  • Wolf Eyes – Strange Days
    $19.00 | , Add to cart

    WOLF EYES return to the audio world with two ???? bangers of free abstraction and stretched out otherworldly electronics with STRANGE DAYS II. Plenty of room inside the sonic din […]

  • Vampire Can’t – Key Cutter
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    “This 2005 recording collaboration of Vampire Belt, the long running Western Massachusetts duo of Chris Corsano (frequent YOD associate and collaborator with Jandek, John Olson, and Paul [...]

  • JH1.FS3 – Trials And Tribulations
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    Emotional exploration through sound can become so indulgent that it overshadows the journey. JH1.FS3 eschews mining the human condition as mediation, opting for nuanced analysis rather than [...]

  • Nicola Ratti – Continental
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    “Continental” is the new full length solo record by Milan-based multi-instrumentalist Nicola Ratti, following recent releases on Where to Now? and Room40. Conceived of by Ratti as a [...]

  • Horoscope – Misogyny Stone
    $16.00 | , Add to cart


  • Steve Hauschildt – Nonlin
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    Chicago-based contemporary electronic musician Steve Hauschildt has composed panoramas of synthesized sound for over a decade. First within his former band, Emeralds, an American touchstone of [...]