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Showing all 6 results

  • Soft Issues – Soft Issues LP
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    Incredibly powerful debut album from Soft Issues, an electronic two piece, formed in 2017 in Leeds and influenced primarily by noise artists and hardcore punk as well drawing inspiration from the [...]

  • Persuasion – Quatermass 12″
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    Formerly operating as Stefan Jós, Persuasion is the new moniker of Montreal based producer Devon Hansen. It follows an earlier split release with his hometown friend Austin Cesear on Opal Tapes [...]

  • Helm & Decimus – We Will Meet At Other Human Parties LP
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    Helm (Ascestic House, Alter, Pan, Turgid Animal) & Decimus (Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band) collaborative LP. Hear below: We Will Meet at Other Human Parties by Helm & Decimus

  • Emra Grid – Shay’s Vacation House LP
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    Emra Grid’s “Shays Vacation House” is a work that feels suspended in time – both ancient and modern — a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or [...]

  • Annanan – New Wave Of Nature 12″
    $14.00 | , Add to cart

    2016 12″ from Annanan Hear below: New Wave Of Nature by Annanan

  • DJ S – Neva Done This Before 12″
    $14.00 | , Add to cart

    2016 12″ from DJ S. Hear below: Neva Done This Before by DJ S